Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The fans have spoken...B-17 Bomber!!!

With 38 of the 66 total votes, B-17 Bomber claims victory as the most popular Intellivoice game, and for good reason. B-17 Bomber incorporates Intellivoice in a way that lets you feel like you're in the cockpit. Select a target on the map, Rev up the engine and take off on a bombing run over WWII Europe. Manage your fuel and check your six, as the Intellivioce gives you a heads up, "Fighters 6 O'Clock" switch from the pilots view to your 6 o'clock gunner. As you approach the target, "Watch for flak" they keep coming! "Bandits 3 O'Clock" aim your shots well... "Got em!" Now bomb the target and hightail it back to base.

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